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Bankim Chandra Chatterjee die

Date:- 2020-04-08

World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day

Date:- 2020-04-12

World Health Day

Date:- 2020-04-07

World Homeopathy Day

Date:- 2020-04-10


Date:- 2019-04-06

Gudi Padwa

Date:- 2019-04-06

National Maritime Day of india

Date:- 2019-04-05

International Day for Mine Awareness

Date:- 2019-04-04

World Party Day

Date:- 2019-04-03

International Childrens Book Day

Date:- 2019-04-02

World Autism Awareness Day

Date:- 2019-04-02

World Rat Day

Date:- 2019-04-04

April Fools Day

Date:- 2019-04-01

Rajasthan diwas

Date:- 2019-03-30

Utpal Dutta birthday

Date:- 2020-03-29

Bank Holiday

Date:- 2020-04-01

Mothering Sunday

Date:- 2019-03-31

Hoysala Mahotsava

Date:- 2019-03-28

World Theatre Day

Date:- 2020-03-27

Mati Puja

Date:- 2019-03-25

World Purple day

Date:- 2020-03-26

World Meteorological Day

Date:- 2020-03-23

Swaminarayan Jayanti

Date:- 2019-03-25

Jagtik havaman din

Date:- 2019-03-23

World Day for Water

Date:- 2020-03-22

World Forestry Day

Date:- 2020-03-21


Date:- 2020-03-21

World Sparrow day

Date:- 2020-03-20

Chhatrapati shivaji maharaj jayanti

Date:- 2019-03-23

ordnance factories day

Date:- 2020-03-18

International Day of Happiness

Date:- 2020-03-20

National Vaccination Day

Date:- 2019-03-16

Freedom Of Information Day

Date:- 2020-03-16

Savitribai phule punyatithi

Date:- 2019-03-10

World Sleep Day

Date:- 2020-03-13

World TB Day

Date:- 2020-03-24

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