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World Pollution Prevention Day

Date:- 2019-12-02

World AIDS Day

Date:- 2019-12-01

Human Rights Day

Date:- 2019-12-10

Computer Security Day

Date:- 2019-11-30

International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

Date:- 2019-11-29

mahatma jyotiba phule punyatithi

Date:- 2019-11-28

Dev Deepawali

Date:- 2019-11-27

National Law Day

Date:- 2019-11-26

Thanksgiving Day

Date:- 2019-11-28

International Day on Violence against Women

Date:- 2019-11-25

Go For A Ride Day

Date:- 2019-11-22

International Anti Corruption Day

Date:- 2019-12-09

Seng Kut Snem

Date:- 2019-11-23

World Hello Day

Date:- 2019-11-21

Universal Childrens Day

Date:- 2019-11-20

National Integration Day

Date:- 2019-11-19

World Toilet Day

Date:- 2019-11-19

lala lajpat rai punyatithi

Date:- 2019-11-17

Celebrate Bandra

Date:- 2019-11-18

National Epilepsy Day

Date:- 2019-11-17

World Prematurity Day

Date:- 2019-11-17

World Philosophy Day

Date:- 2019-11-16

International Volunteer Day

Date:- 2019-12-05

Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur

Date:- 2019-11-24

International Day for Tolerance

Date:- 2019-11-16

World Maths Day

Date:- 2019-10-15

sankashti chaturthi

Date:- 2019-11-15

World Usability Day

Date:- 2019-11-14

World Diabetes Day

Date:- 2019-11-14

Jawaharlal Nehru Jayanti

Date:- 2019-11-14

Indian Pudding Day

Date:- 2019-11-13

guru nanak jayanti

Date:- 2019-11-12

National Education Day

Date:- 2019-11-11

Eid Milad un nabi

Date:- 2019-11-10

World Science Day for Peace and Development

Date:- 2019-11-10

World Kindness Day

Date:- 2019-11-13

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