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World Quality Day

Date:- 2019-11-08

National Cancer Awareness Day

Date:- 2019-11-07

World Freedom Day

Date:- 2019-11-09

World tsunami day

Date:- 2019-11-05


Date:- 2019-11-04

Chhath Puja

Date:- 2019-11-02

World Vegan Day

Date:- 2019-11-01

Halloween day

Date:- 2019-10-31

World Thrift Day

Date:- 2019-10-30

Sardar Patel Jayanti

Date:- 2019-10-31


Date:- 2019-10-29

Lakshmi Puja

Date:- 2019-10-27


Date:- 2019-10-26

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

Date:- 2019-10-27

Narak Chaturdashi

Date:- 2019-10-27


Date:- 2019-10-25

Animation Day

Date:- 2019-10-28

iPod Day

Date:- 2019-10-23

International Stuttering Awareness Day

Date:- 2019-10-22

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat

Date:- 2019-10-21

International Sloth Day

Date:- 2019-10-20

internet day

Date:- 2019-10-29

World Development Information Day

Date:- 2019-10-24

sant tukdoji maharaj punyatithi

Date:- 2019-10-19

Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

Date:- 2019-10-18

Global Dignity Day

Date:- 2019-10-16

Karva Chauth

Date:- 2019-10-17

World Food Day

Date:- 2019-10-16

International Day of Rural Women

Date:- 2019-10-15

World Standards Day

Date:- 2019-10-14

kojagiri purnima

Date:- 2019-10-13

UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

Date:- 2019-10-13

International Artists Day

Date:- 2019-10-25

Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

Date:- 2019-10-13

World Arthritis Day

Date:- 2019-10-12

International Day of the Girl Child

Date:- 2019-10-11

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